For Consumers
  • Information security risks increase with the number of smart devices connected to the Internet
  • The Cybersecurity Label indicates the products and services that are secure to use and require no special information security skills of the user.

Why does information security matter?

Various types of smart device and service connected to the Internet will also become more complex and widespread in homes. For example, they will allow us to measure individual data such as sleep and heart rate, or use the service to transfer data to another party. Development brings much pleasure, but it also adds potential information security threats if the information security of a product or service is not in order. A prerequisite for good information security is not only a smart device that enables secure use, but a competent user.

What does the Cybersecurity Label guarantee?

The Cybersecurity Label has been created to help consumers make secure choices and increase their information security awareness. The label shows that a product or service meets the information security requirements set by an authority, the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) at Traficom information security. For example, it is required that the label holder provide updates for their products or services for the label’s duration.

A product or service that has been granted a Cybersecurity Label is designed to protect the user and their data from the most common threats on the Internet. Traficom has been actively involved in the development of European standards to avoid the development of divergent requirements on the market. Read more about the requirements of the Cybersecurity Label here.

Not even the best information security is fool-proof, and it is impossible to protect against all attacks. However, most data breaches happen due to negligence of basic issues in the design and use of a product or service. The Cybersecurity Label guarantees that these design issues are tackled, and that the product meets the cybersecurity requirements set by the NCSC-FI at Traficom.


Read more about the application process for the label here.

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