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What is the Finnish Cybersecurity Label?

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has created the Cybersecurity Label to help consumers make safe choices when purchasing smart devices and services, and companies communicate the responsibility of their designs. The label is granted to connected smart devices or services and that meet the information security requirements set by the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) at Traficom. The Cybersecurity Label is mainly intended for consumer smart devices. These include smart TVs, smart bracelets and home routers.

The labelled product or service is designed to be secure, and its information security is maintained for the duration of the label’s validity. The purpose of the Cybersecurity Label is to respond to the most common information security threats arising from the Internet which target consumer use, and to support consumers in the secure use of smart devices.

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Cybersecurity Label Objectives

The growing popularity of smart devices and their continuous development create both new opportunities for consumers and new information security threats.

Through the label, Traficom

  • makes it easier for consumers to choose secure products and services
  • ensures the security of smart devices and services by setting certain security requirements for them
  • improves public awareness of information security
  • supports the competitiveness of companies investing in information security.

Safe choices for consumers

The number of different consumer smart products and services is growing rapidly, and not all have been designed taking information security features into account. Generally, it is very difficult to identify secure products. A smart device or service with a Cybersecurity Label indicates that attention has been paid to its information security features, and that it has passed the security requirements set by the NCSC-FI at Traficom.

Before the label is granted, an independent information security company inspects the product’s information security features. The inspection examines certain predefined requirements that you can read more about here.

Corporate responsibility is an increasingly important competitive advantage

For companies, the label is a simple way to communicate responsibility and show that information security has been considered in the design of a product or service. The requirements for the information security features of smart devices will become more stringent as international standards and regulations develop. The label will also make it easier for companies to comply with future European requirements.

Applying for the Cybersecurity Label

Applying for the Cybersecurity Label is simple. Review the instructions and requirements on this website (link to the requirements section) and if necessary, ask Traficom (link to contact information). On the product page, you can look at already labelled products and services, and see the companies providing them.

International cooperation

The cybersecurity authorities of Finland and Singapore mutually recognise the cybersecurity labels issued by each other and the related procedures. International cooperation between the authorities makes it easier for companies to tell consumers about the information security of their products on the international market for smart devices. It also promotes the availability of more secure smart home devices.